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Jesus said: Follow Me


“Follow me!” The invitation is so simple a small child can understand it. When it was time for my preschool-age grandchildren to come to dinner, pick up their toys, or head to the bathtub, I used to say, “Follow me!” and start marching down the hall like the drum major in a parade. It meant that it was time to get up and move! And it worked. They would get up and join the parade. 

“Follow me!” is the invitation with which Jesus called his first disciples. It appears twenty-one times in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Every time he says it, Jesus is calling for decisive action. He invites and expects a response. Peter, James, and John drop their fishing nets to fish for people. Matthew leaves his tax-collector table and ends up with his name on a Gospel. The rich young ruler hears the invitation but sadly walks away. As Jesus’ path leads closer to the cross, the invitation becomes more costly. He lets the disciples know that following him will mean taking up a cross. Then, at the empty tomb, the women hear the angel say that the risen Christ is already out ahead of them, calling them to follow him into a new life. In John’s Gospel, Jesus’ final word to Peter is, “Follow me.”

And now, the invitation comes to you!

(from A Disciple’s Path Daily Workbook – by James A. Harnish) 

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