Kirkland Elementary

Lets help Children Thrive

Growing Kids God’s Way

From newborns to 5th grade, the children at Lakeside are raised up in Christ.

We are constantly stretching and growing seeking ways to share the love of Christ with the little children who mean so much. Every kid is precious and deserves to know that. We have lots of great opportunities to teach them this, and here are a few happening in this spring and summer season! Please let us know if you have any questions, and please don’t hesitate or call or email.

Regular Scheduled Events

 Sunday School

Every Sunday morning 9:30 to 10:30 in the the children wing on the west end of the church – kids come together to spend time asking questions, getting answers, and just enjoying each other’s company.
We aim to teach key Biblical truths and stories by looking at them in multiple creative ways suited to a variety of learning styles.

Our volunteers guide each child while creating a safe and loving environment where everyone can have a great time!
Adults can share their successes and struggles with one another as they explore concepts which can help them more clearly define how they choose to deal with the many stresses of raising kids in our modern society.


“Research shows that the quality and consistency of a child’s relationships with adults is critical to healthy brain development, and that these relationships lay the foundation for academic achievement, mental health and social-emotional skills in the future” (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2004).

Engaging Local Schools

Why Engage Your Local School?

The Power of Doing What Matters

Why Schools Matter to the Church

Getting Started

Overview of Church-School Partnerships Possibilities
  • What Can Your Church Do Through Partnerships to Support Children,
  • Teachers and Your Public Schools?
  • From the United Church of Christ Justice & Witness Ministries (
  • 50 Ways to Engage Local Schools, a Lewis Center Resource

Discerning a Vision for Supporting a Local School

Developing a Heart for the Needs of Children and Schools

Some Program Options Helping Students Succeed

Supplying Student Needs

Supporting and Affirming Teachers



“Every child is a different kind of flower and all together they make this world a beautiful garden.”

~ Author Unknown