Sunday School

Growing in Christian Faith

 Why Sunday School?

Sunday school classes gather to enrich their faith. Sunday school and other small groups are vital component in the mission of every Church. There is no better place where people of all ages learn what it means to be a disciples of Jesus Christ and how to invite other to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Adult Classes

All of our Sunday School classes  welcome visitors and love  to have new members. Why not visit several classes and see which class best meets your needs for spiritual development and Christian fellowship.  If you have children, they are welcome to participate in our children’s Sunday School program. We also offer a preschoolers’ class and a nursery for infants and toddlers.  For location information, call the church office, or come to the Welcome Center at our main east side entrance where someone will guide you to your desired location. Whatever your interest, whatever your age, we have a place for you to CONNECT with our community of faith:

  • Joy Class — meet in the room next to the church fellowship hall. Cokesbury curriculum provides the basis for the teaching in this class. They discuss contemporary authors with biblical teachings.
  • Share Class — members of this class provide a fresh breath of the spirit of God.
  • Disciple Class — They focus on an array of different topics and curriculum, usually with a video to inspire discussion. The focus is always how the Bible influences us to activity display love and hospitality in their Christian discipleship.

Children’s Classes

Every Sunday morning 9:30am to 10:30am we have an older and younger elementary school age classes in the the children wing (on the west end of the church). Kids come together to spend time asking questions, getting answers, and just enjoying each other’s company.  We aim to teach key Biblical truths and stories by looking at them in multiple creative ways suited to a variety of learning styles.

Our volunteers guide each child while creating a safe and loving environment where everyone can have a great time! Adults can share their successes and struggles with one another as they explore concepts which can help them more clearly define how they choose to deal with the many stresses of raising kids in our modern society. 

    With all the wisdom we have, we… teach everyone. When we bring them to God, we want them to be like Christ. We want them to be grown up as people who belong to Christ. ”

    Colossians 1:28 (NIRV)